Sand Dunes & Arches

Experience the Red Cliff Conservation Area with a tour that stops at dinosaur tracks and has either a hike or drive to sand dunes and beautiful red rocks. Finish off with either a hike to an arch or visit a ghost town. This tour is about 3 miles roundtrip, but a modification can be made for those with mobility issues or kids. If we are lucky we might see an endangered desert tortoise. (1-2 miles). 

Mirnavator Day 2-235.jpg


Price: Adults $100-125

Kids $65

Final price includes fee per adult plus sales tax, public lands fees & credit card process fees.

Skill Level: Beginner or Intermediate

Group Size: 6-7

We can accommodate larger groups with 2 vehicles

All tours include snacks and drinks. Hiking poles provided as well.

Tour Length: 3-4 hours

This can be modified to be off-road and scenic driving only tour to

accommodate those with mobility limitations. Senior and child friendly