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First time in Zion? Overwhelmed by all of the information out there? Missed booking a shuttle? Don't worry! You aren't going to miss out. 

There are many parts to Zion and it's a massive park. The shuttle runs for about 7 miles (of the 229 square miles) in the main and most Instagrammed part of the National Park, but there are many more parts you can see without a shuttle. 

Zion was established in November 19, 1919 and covers 145,597 acres in between St. George and Cedar City, UT. It's one of 5 National Parks in Utah. Zion is currently the 3rd most visited park with over 4 million visitors a year. 


Surprisingly, last year in the midst of the pandemic, Zion had it's busiest year ever thanks to many Americans wanting to get outside and into nature. Unfortunately this also means it can be hard to find the quiet parts of Zion. This is where we come in! 


If you are wanting a tour where you escape the crowds and learn more about the geology and history of this area while driving and hiking around the backroads surrounding the area, we are the tour company for you. 


With every tour we provide a free self-guided tour for navigating the rest of Zion without us so you can go on enjoying the best parts of the area even after you leave us.  

Read this article for more info on ZION and the different parts. 

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Want to book a shuttle? Here are the options!

Read this article from Visit Utah on the Zion Shuttles


You can also book private shuttles

Zion Guru

Zion Adventures


Red Rock Shuttle


Zion Jeep Tours (most affordable option)

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