The kitchen has a stove, microwave (must use generator to power this up), pots and pans, french press, teapot, plates, cups and glasses, wine glasses and really all you would need to cook. The Dometic fridge works great, as does the freezer. Hot and cold water provided (20 gallons upon arrival for washing and 6 gallons for drinking with ability to refill). There are plenty of containers for refilling tanks if you have a longer stay there are a number of places in the area with free water to fill . We also have a hot water shower, towels, soaps and toothpaste. For the bedroom you have cotton sheets and a down comforter. We change the comforters out between guests for sanitation. 

We have a heater for chilly nights and a fan for warm days. For hotter summer days, plan on being outside a lot of the day in summer. We have cool evenings so after a long day adventuring you can come back and kick it by the firepit. We have camp chairs and outdoor lights. ​ Need to charge up your phone? No problem. We have an inverter and the trailer is on solar power.

NOTE: We try to let people rent our trailers year round, however, if temps drop below freezing, we will have to cancel your reservation or if you are comfortable with dry camping (no water in pipes) you can continue with your res. We will only cancel if there is a concern of extended extremely cold weather. 

Want to try #trailerlife? 

Wild Utah Properties has a fun trailer to stay in! Trailers are basically like any rental property and come with a complete kitchen including coffee, tea, olive oil and spices. This allows you to have a unique glamping/trailer experience with the comfort of shelter and a nice bed with a thick comforter. No standing in line to get in a restaurant or listening to neighbors in the next room. Cook for yourself and sleep under the stars.