The Desert Rose

We bought a van! Seeing how much people are loving #vanlife, we decided to get a van that we could share with others. Come experience Zion National Park in a van. Rent it for a weekend or a week. This is a local rental only so we ask that you don't go outside of Utah, Nevada, Arizona. There is so much to see around here we know you will be able to cover a lot ground. 

Our rental comes with a detailed list of great places to camp off grid, an awesome hike list for the Zion area and we can give you an itinerary of where to go between Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. 

There's so much to see. 

The van is equipped with a sink, portable shower and potty, comfy memory foam bed and comfy pillows and blankets, solar power (yes, you can run your laptop), full kitchen set up, portable chairs, table, electric tea kettle, headlamps, solar string lights and black out shades for night. We have everything you need for a comfortable ride.