We offer half day (3.5-4 hours) and full day (6-7 hour) adventures on public lands between Springdale and Hurricane. Our trips offer a combination of driving backroads and hiking in more remote areas. Our goal is to give you a unique experience with epic Zion views and empty trails. We cater each trip to the skill level and interest of our clients. We explore geology like petrified wood and rock layers, talk about Native American history in this area, and look for dinosaur tracks and other notable elements of the Southern Utah Landscape. 

We have 4 main areas we tour and the trips are approximately 3.5 hours in length. All of our tours are private and we can accommodate 2 to 6 people for a same day booking. For 7+ in a group we require 48 hours notice.  Kids, dogs, mobility limited, and seniors are welcome. Just let us know who is coming so we can make it comfortable for all.

ut also completely optional. 

We are permitted with Bureau of Land Management and insured to guide in the Southern Utah region

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Petrified Wood Mesa Tour - Walk through a field of petrified wood with 225 million year old logs that are now rock! We will also stop at giant dinosaur tracks and take in epic views of Zion. This tour has an option of a 3 mile hike for those interested and is an excellent sunset tour with a chance to see Zion glowing bright red as the sun goes down. (1-4 miles) 


Smithsonian Butte Tour - If you love petroglyphs join us on this mesa drive out Gooseberry Mesa where we will stop to look for petrified wood and Native American artifacts like petroglyph panels while on short hikes. We will also drive out Wire Mesa to a point where we can stand on the edge of the rim looking out at the peaks of Zion. This tour ends up at a ghost town and cemetery built in the mid 1800s. (1-4 miles) 

Babylon Arch Desert Tour - (best in Spring, Fall, Winter) Experience the Red Cliff Conservation Area with a tour that stops at petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks and a hike out through the sand dunes to beautiful red rocks and a spectacular arch. The full hike is about 3 miles roundtrip, but a modification can be made. If we are lucky we might see an endangered desert tortoise. We also could see rattlesnakes, hawks, and lizards. (2-5 miles) 

Shady Slot Adventure - Join us in a fun little slot canyon hike that's about 5 miles out and back. This hike is best for adults/teens, although if you have a strong little hiker, we have taken our 7-year-old on this one and he enjoyed it. This is doable with kids. We won't see much for wildlife, but expect beautiful red rocks and a gradual uphill on the way in. We will also get to the head of a natural spring.


Looking for a high adventure tour with more miles? We have options so let us know if that's what you would like to do. 


Our tours are both driving and hiking but the hiking distance depends on the fitness level of the guest. We offer both scenic driving tours or less driving and more hiking for those who want to get out there and really explore. The goal of our tours is to really escape the crowds and help people see parts of the Zion area they would never experience without a guide sharing the secrets of the area. 

Please inquire about groups rates. We can take up to 24 people at once. With a weeks notice we can accommodate larger groups. 

Gratuity not included, but appreciated.